A to Z of dental Health

We are starting with a new series about A to Z of dental health. presented exclusively by Dentessence Dental. Each Day, we will explain one word related to your dental health. stay connected…. Like our facebook page at      

Strawberries for your teeth…

Strawberries may help whiten teeth because they contain an enzyme called malic acid, which can be found in some whitening toothpastes. You can mash up the strawberry or just rub it on your teeth, cut in half. Leave the juice on your teeth for one minute and then rinse with […]

Five simple tips for a healthy mouth.

FIVE SIMPLE HOME CARE TIPS TO PREVENT DENTAL DISEASES 1. Toothbrushing is perhaps the simplest and most effective means to prevent dental problems. and by prevention we mean, at least 80-90% of all dental diseases can be prevented. brush twice a day. After Breakfast in morning and last thing at night. […]

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